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URGENT: Press Conferences: Hartzok with 911 Pilot Widows Re: Shuster Blocks Safety Aviation Bill Endangering National Security


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"Extreme wealth inequality is endangering our democracy.  We must get to the roots of this urgent problem. We can move beyond the political divide, affirming values of both freedom and fairness, to establish the ethics, rules and policies for economic democracy." – Alanna Hartzok, PA District 9

Welcome! Our first Hartzok for Congress core campaign focus document, in the ISSUES section of this website, From Wealth Inequality to Economic Democracy, addresses an issue that transcends partisan politics and that threatens survival of our democracy.  A closely related issue is discussed in another of our issue documents, Campaign Finance Reform.  Other campaign issues discussed include Social Security and Other Social Programs; Agriculture; Creating Good Jobs and and a Strong Local Economy; Gun Rights and Responsibilities; Military Spending and Foreign Policy; Excellence in Education for All; Economic Democracy, Public Finance, and Taxation Policy; and Immigration.  Additional issue statements may be added.  Blog about these issues, tweet about them, post the links on Facebook, write OpEd articles or Letters to the Editor of your local paper, with your thoughts about these issues -- in short, get involved!  We can no longer go along with politics as usual.

“As the Democratic Party candidate, I want to serve and represent all the people of PA District Nine. I will work for citizen’s participation in our democracy, good jobs for all, environmental protection and to remove the influence of big money in politics. The political paralysis in Washington has prompted me to step forward. I ask for your support and participation with the Hartzok for Congress team and campaign." – Alanna Hartzok

Alanna Hartzok is a District Nine native who has been active in civic and political issues her entire life, traveling extensively as an advocate for locally based economies and participatory democracy. Alanna Hartzok is a mental health professional, writer, thought leader and mobilizer for policies that address wealth inequality and the need for a fair market economy. She worked across party lines to attain a nearly unanimous PA legislative vote for tax reform, providing a new option for public finance to the 958 boroughs that are home to 2.6 million Pennsylvanians. She is a recipient of the International Earth Day Award. Her award-winning book, The Earth Belongs to Everyone, contains 30 of her articles and essays. Hartzok now looks forward to bringing the ideas she has garnered over the years back home as a Member of Congress. She invites all of us to imagine and then begin a peaceful, vibrant, positive way forward for all of us who live in the southern, central, and western counties of Pennsylvania that comprise Congressional District Nine.