PRESS RELEASE: Congressional Candidate Hartzok and 9/11 Pilot Widows Challenge Shuster’s Response on Airline Security


OpEd: Hartzok Response to Shuster's Statement Re: His Inaction on Aviation Safety Bill

Press Conferences: Hartzok with 911 Pilot Widows
Re: Shuster Blocks Aviation Safety Bill Endangering National Security 

See Press Conference Documents

Hartzok to Address Crowd at Penn State Altoona in Lieu of Debate with Shuster

Alanna Hartzok, Democratic candidate for Congress from Pennsylvania's 
9th district, will speak and answer questions presented by Penn 
State Altoona's Political Science Club, in the spirit of participatory democracy.

Unfortunately, weeks of efforts by Political Science Club President 
Patrick Brett and others, to persuade Congressman Shuster to answer students' questions alongside his Democratic challenger, were unsuccessful.

Members of the press wishing to present questions to candidate Hartzok 
will also be welcome. For information please contact
Patrick Brett (pzb5136@psu.edu).

Where: Penn State Altoona's Downtown Devorris Center
1431 12th Ave
Altoona, PA 16601

When: Thursday 10/23 at 6pm


Shuster Refuses to Debate Hartzok


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